Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Focus on What the Students Already Know  

This is especially true for vocabulary. There are so many English loan-words in Japanese. Helping students to realize this is an easy way to empower the students, because they already know English!
When you introduce a new pattern: ask the students if they know any words that can be used in the pattern. To help the students get started, you can suggest some words in Japanese that you think the students will know.
Another point to remember is: many students already study English. Instead of telling meanings yourself in Japanese, ask all of the students if anyone knows the meaning of something you've presented. Presenting the material in context, in a storyboard or conversation, gives the students powerful clues to guess the meaning, too.
Since Eigo Noto lessons are communication lessons, not studying English for a test, encourage answers that are almost right, or in ways that can help lead students to the correct answer. (end)

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