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Lesson 5-2-1  

LESSON 5-2-1 Download Lesson Plan in English (pdf)
Lesson: 1 (1 of 3)
Target: Greetings & Gestures
Materials: CD & Player; Text; Points Map; Feelings Flashcards (Fine, Happy, Hungry, Sleepy & any more you have/want to use).

Greeting- 2 minutes
Teacher to Students- Listen & Repeat
Hello, Hi, Hey, Howdy, G’day, Good Morning, Hola, Aloha, Bon Jour, Bon Dia,
Bon Journo, Ni Hao, Konnichiwa, Anyohaseyo, Sambaino, Kiola, Selamat Pagi (am)
(pm-Siang), Shalom, Jambo, Asalamalekum, Zzdrastvet-yah, Namaste.

Janken Fours- Warm-up / Review / Conversation Skills Practice- 5 minutes
Blackboard: W)Hello. My name is OO. Nice to meet you.
L)Hello. My name is BB. Nice to meet you, too.
ALT: Practice/Demo with a few volunteers before students begin.
Students: Janken 4’s- each Student with 3 other students.

Song- 4 minutes
CD- track 11
Text- page 11
Blackboard- Hello, Hello, Hello, How are you? I’m fine, I’m fine. I hope that you are, too.

Dialog- Introduction- 5 minutes
Blackboard- HRT: Hello. How are you?
ALT: Hello. I’m sleepy/hungry/fine/happy. How are you?
HRT: I’m sleepy/hungry/fine/happy.
HRT & ALT: Do conversation together 2 or 3 times.
Students: Tell meaning in Japanese.

Let’s Listen- 4 minutes
Text- page 10
CD- tracks 9-10- ‘#1,2,3,4: How are you? #1: I’m happy. #2: I’m sleepy.
#3: I’m hungry. #4: I’m fine.’
Students- listen & write numbers 1-4; check answers; listen again.
Answers- 1-3-2-4

O/X Game- 10 minutes
Materials- Hand out Points Maps and explain 1 circle-=1 point.
Students- Listen-Repeat-Vote-Listen-Repeat-Answer-Score.
Right answerers get 2 points on points maps.
HRT & ALT- (Later ALT & Students), Janken-
Loser) How are you? Winner) I’m (gesture).
L) Oh! You’re hungry!
(ALL REPEAT & VOTE- O = hands up X = hands down)
W) Yes! I’m hungry. / No, I’m hungry! (ANSWER)

Song- again- if time
CD- track 11
Blackboard- Hello, Hello, Hello, How are you? I’m fine, I’m fine.
I hope that you are, too.

Wrap-Up- 3 minutes
(Present common mistakes to the whole class. Write the mistaken point on the
blackboard, and ask if anybody can see the mistake.) Or-
HRT to Students, in Japanese:
-What did we talk about today?
-Were there some words you already knew?
-Did you learn any new words?
-What was fun or interesting?
-What was difficult?
-How can we make that easier next time?

Closing- 1 minute
Students: ‘Thank you! Good bye!’
Teachers: ‘You’re welcome! Good bye!’

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