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Lesson 6-3-4  

LESSON: 6-3-4
Lesson: 4 (4 of 4)
: When Is Your Birthday?; Month's Names
Materials: CD & player; Text; Reusable Paper for each Pair; 2 dice

Greeting- 2 minutes
Teacher to Students- Listen & Repeat (some or all)
Hello, Hi, Hey, Howdy, G’day, Good Morning, Hola, Aloha, Bon Jour, Bon Dia, Bon Journo, Ni Hao, Konnichiwa, Anyohaseyo, Sambaino, Kiola, Selamat Pagi (am) (pm-Siang), Shalom, Jambo, Asalamalekum, Zzdrastvet-yah, Namaste.

Janken 4’s- Warm-Up/Review/Conversation Skills Practice- 3 minutes
ALT/HRT: Janken and do the conversation first together, then with a few
students to practice/demonstrate.
Students: Each student Janken and Converse with 3 others in groups of 4
Blackboard: W) (誕生月 in English)/(your birth month in English) June
L) Say the month’s name in Japanese.

Chant #1- Month’s Names- 4 minutes
Blackboard: January, February, ... December
CD: Track 15
ALT/HRT: Listen & Repeat month’s names before singing chant together
Students: Listen & Repeat after ALT/HRT. Sing chant together.

Pair Karuta- Month’s Names- 10 minutes
Materials: Reuasable paper (A4), one for each pair
Blackboard: January, February, ... December
Students: In pairs, write 1-12 in random places on A4 paper. Then, listen to ALT/HRT and try to get the month by number. Using different colored pens/pencils, circle the numbers you get.
ALT/HRT: Call out month’s names. Cross them off the blackboard.
Finish with Hand Sandwich.

Ordinal Number Practice- 5 minutes
Blackboard: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th....31st
ALT: Call out numbers 1-31 as you write them on the blackboard. Students with birthdays on those days raise hands (or stand) and repeat.

Chant #2/Activity- When is your birthday?- 8 minutes
Materials: 2 dice.
Blackboard: When is your birthday? X3
My birthday is (in)....
January, February, .... December
ALT: Lead the chant. Each time at the end, roll the dice to choose a month’s name (any repeat = 1 = January).
Students: All stand and chant along. If your birth month’s name is chosen, you can sit down.

Activity- When is your birthday? Interview- 10 minutes
Materials: Text, page 21
Blackboard: W) When is your birthday?
L) My birthday is June 16th.
Students: Play Janken with friends, winner asks When is your birthday? and writes their friends’ names and birthdays onto page 21.
ALT/HRT: Introduce activity by demonstration (next, to check understanding, ask students to explain in Japanese).

Wrap-Up- 3 minutes
(Present common mistakes to the whole class. Write the mistaken point on the
blackboard, and ask if anybody can see the mistake.) Or-
HRT to Students, in Japanese:
-What did we talk about today?
-Were there some words you already knew?
-Did you learn any new words?
-What was fun or interesting?
-What was difficult?
-How can we make that easier next time?

Closing- 1 minute
Students: ‘Thank you! Good bye!’
Teachers: ‘You’re welcome! Good bye!’

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